3D Star and Moon Glow In the dark Wall Stickers

Get your room to shine and glow in the night.
with these lovely stars and moon stickers, you can set the right mood for a good night,
also can help you with night fears of the kids, so they won't feel alone.

  • Easy to install
  • Make a lovely atmosphere


3cm mix Color 100pcs
3cm blue 100pcs
3cm yellow 100pcs
3cm pink 100pcs
3cm green 100pcs
4.6cm mix Color40pcs
4.6cm pink 40pcs
4.6cm green 40pcs
4.6cm blue 40pcs
3cm mix Color 50pcs
3cm blue 50pcs
3cm white 50pcs
3cm pink 50pcs
3cm green 50pcs
3cm Star Moon 100pcs
9cm Moon 1pcs
9cm Star 1pcs
3-7.5cm-14pcs -MULTI
white 2
100dot 0.5cm1pcs