8.5 inch LCD LCD tablet electronic board

Material: ABS
Power: button battery
Battery capacity: 75 mAh
Voltage: 3 volts
Standard current: 0.1mA
Color: blue, green, pink (optional)
Screen size: 17.1 * 13 cm / 6.73 * 5.12 inches (length * width)


Free style painting

Perfect for taking notes, making lists, sketching, playing games or anything you need written down.

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Suitable for all ages and occupations

such as business men,artist,students,teachers ,children and kids,also can be used at home ,office or on the way to anyway

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One click Erase

which can be done with a simple press of a button, and features a sealed internal battery that lasts for about 100,000 erases,Built-in replaceable button cell,long battery life up to 2 years, you don't necessarily worry about power cut.


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How to write

can be used stylus pen, your finger or any non-marking, non-scratching instrument writing or drawing

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Amazing Gift

Soft LCD screen ,no backlight ,protect your eyes, it is s great way to help build your child's awareness of environmental protection.

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Item size

 24.5 * 16* 0.82cm        (L * W * H)

8.86 * 5.87 * 0.24inch   (L * W * H)

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