Glowing Basketball

  • Awesome Luminous Effect: Provide three unique reflective effects optional, rainbow, moon, and multicolored! which makes this glowing basketball a great gift! 
  • Your kids would love to play longer outside
  • Basketball will suddenly become fun and even more interactive.
  • Suitable for all ages  - Kids and adults.
  • Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor activities, like synthetic court, cement floor, plank floor! It’s also suitable for day and night training!
  • Durable Materials: Made by durable PU leather.

The Benefits:

A simple upgrade of the Basketball will change the whole experience of the game, and even May make kids want to play more, just because of how it looks.

A simple upgrade can make your kid smile a lot, you should make him happy. 

glowing basketball for boys


Not only for boys, but it's also the 21st century ...everyone is welcome to the game!

glowing basketball for gorls


For the teachers: upgrade your sports class with this item, all the kids will want to play with this ball!


Material: PU
Color : white / colorful
Size: 180*230*50mm

Package Content:

1x basketball  


1.Using reflective PU material, turn on the mobile phone flash, turn on the basketball two forms, suitable for a variety of venues.
2.Crossway logo makes basketball styles less monotonous, more fashionable and avant-garde
3.Personality patterns, night light ignites the whole focus, whether it is stationary or rotating up are particularly dazzling.
4.The intake nozzle has the structure and assembly method, which has the characteristics of anti-water and leak-proof gas.  


Material: PU

Size: No. 7
Color: reflective white, reflective black, colorful black


1x basketball


Colorful black
Reflective black
Reflective white