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10 best wood games for toddlers

by guy Shlesinger on Sep 14, 2022

10 best wood games for toddlers

10 Best Wood Games for Toddlers: A blog post around 10 of the best wood games for toddlers made from natural materials.

Wood is a great material for learning about shapes, colors and textures. It's also great for building and for babies. Today, there are tons of wooden games, toys and puzzles on the market made of natural materials for . They're fun and educational. But which ones are the best? Here are our recommendations for the 10 best wooden games and toys for your toddler, educational and fun to play with made from natural materials.



Wooden Rainbow Stones Building Blocks

Learning is always fun, and these colorful blocks are no exception! With different shapes and sizes, these blocks can be stacked, knocked down, and can even be used to build different things. With the colorful rainbow wood, these blocks are a great playtime activity your child will love.

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Wooden Animal Balance Blocks

These educational building blocks are made of high quality sustainable wood and provide a unique way to inspire children's thinking and creativity. This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone with a young one.

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Tangram Wooden Puzzles

Tangram is a fun, educational game for kids. Developed with children in mind it is easy to learn, but hard to master. These tangram puzzles are designed to promote creative thinking and will lead to hours of fun and frustration. These wooden jigsaw puzzles are made from high quality material and are worry free.

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Kids Face Change Cube Game

Good looking, easy to assemble and perfect for a child's first creative play. Our building blocks are also great for home decor and craft projects. For the best value, we have packages that come with a variety of different shapes and sizes.

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Arch Bridge Rainbow Building Blocks

The Arch Bridge is a beloved toy, a classic children's toy that provides hours of creative fun. Made of sturdy wood, the arches can be stacked, flipped, and rearranged to create towers, bridges, car ramps, fairy houses—you name it. It has a basic principle, which is to allow kids to construct and build with their own hands

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Geometry Puzzles Building Blocks

Children learn through play and there are tons of resources for kids to get them busy and engaged. One of the best toys for kids to learn through play is Geometry puzzles. The geometry puzzles are a lot of fun for the kids and parents too. This particular geology puzzles toy is designed to build up children's logic and reasoning skills. The new 3D puzzle faces are made from natural wood and are eco-friendly

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Kids Wooden Memory Chess

Kids love puzzles because they help children to develop their memory, increased concentration and thinking skills. This toy helps kids to learn how to form shapes and colors in their mind. This wonderful and educational Kids Wooden Memory Chess game allows the kids to match colors and form shapes. These brain-stimulating games are ideal for the younger ones.

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Chickens Eating - Wood Toy

How to teach children about farm animals' life?
We offer this special accessory that shows how chickens eat in groups with one another. For children who live in a village or farm, there is no problem seeing live chickens and learning how they behave in nature,

But most of us do not have chickens nearby, so this is a great way to explain to the students about chicken's behavior.

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Wooden 3D Puzzles for Kids

Wooden 3D Puzzles for Kids are a must-have toy for your kids. They are ideal for toddlers and children of all ages. They help develop a variety of skills while they are fun to play. Wooden 3D puzzles are suitable for both the parents and the kids. They are a good idea for those who are in search of a safe toy for their kids

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Wooden Rainbow Stacking Blocks

Wooden blocks are a classic toy that are great for children of all ages. They are a sensory experience: their feel and weight, and the colours and textures they provide, while they provide a challenge when stacking. The wooden blocks are made in a variety of shapes, including squares, triangles, rectangles and more, which can provide greater visual interest to a child

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