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Learning To Speak Music

by guy Shlesinger on Jan 23, 2020

Learning To Speak Music


Music is a language for everything,
and like a language of speech - a baby can only acquire
after the development of appropriate skills.

Integration is one of them,
and it means: to hear music when it is not physically present but only mentally in the baby's head.
"The relationship between music to Integration is like the relationship between thought and speech,"
claims D. "
Dr. Edwin Gordon, an expert in psycho - music, doing research for forty years

Ever asked yourself - once, how babies learn music?

  • How can we understand its poetry?
  • How can we develop the innate musical abilities?
  • How can we embed the language of music so that it is spoken, understood, and communicated with others?



after forty years of research.
Gordon developed the "theory of musical thinking" Music Learning Theory In the 1970s
to explain how children learn music.
He made observations on infants and children during the 1980s,
during which he developed a separate but similar theory to his previous one,
which deals with the musical learning process.
He called it "ready to settle "Preparatory Audiation"
Emphasizing the great importance of exposing children to music in their first months of life.
"Eight - ten months of a baby's life are the most important for learning" (Gordon, A Music Learning Theory for Newborns and Young Children, 1997).

Preschool learning should take place through an " mediator",
a parent or teacher who sings and moves,
and not necessarily through recorded music

Just as a baby learns his mother tongue with the help of family and friends around him,
so do we when it comes to learning the language of music.